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Eels - Meet The Eels : Essential Eels Vol. 1 1996-2006 (2008) Retail CD

Eels - Meet The Eels : Essential Eels Vol. 1 1996-2006 (2008) Retail CD
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There will be generally two types of people considering buying this: 1) died in the wool Eels fans (of which I am one); 2) people new to the Eels sound.

If you are in the first group, there is not a great deal on this that you will not already have. Most of the twenty four tracks are from the albums (Beautiful Freak, Electro-Shock Blues, Daisies Of The Galaxy, Souljacker, Shootenanny & Blinking Lights And Other Revalations) but with a couple of interesting little additions. There is a Jon Brion remix of 'Climbing To The Moon', rendering it more melodic. Midway through is a bizarre but excellentmore…




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Eels - Meet The Eels : Essential Eels Vol. 1 1996-2006 (2008) Retail CD
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26/01/08 by pontiacc
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