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Soulfly - Primitive (2000) Retail CD

Soulfly - Primitive (2000) Retail CD
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Now that every hard-rocker under the sun has embraced rap and industrial, you'd think that musical innovation would be rife. Sadly, all that's happened is that fat, bald, tattooed men have usurped centre stage, spraying us with sweat and spittle as their buddies bore us senseless with their staccato riffology. The dumbing-down of rock appears relentless. Thank God, then, for Soulfly. With Sepultura's Roots, singer/guitarist Max Cavalera broke new ground with his rich mix of crushing metal and ethnic tribalism. With Soulfly, now aided and abetted by Mikey Doling from the notorious Snot, he pushesmore…




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Soulfly - Primitive (2000) Retail CD
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