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Old 17-Mar-2007, 20:24
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Default Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III (1997) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III (1997) Retail CD
added on March 17, 2007, at 20:24 by malprac69

Hmm when did I first hear Led Zep - certainly at least 30 years ago - probably 1972/3 when an older brother bought Houses of the Holy. Within 18 months I had the whole back catalogue & watched over the course of the late 1970's in sorrow & dismay as they slowly subsided through Presence and the awful (sorry its true) In Through the Outdoor - thankfully they redeeemed themsleves in '79 at Knebworth.Anyway to the matter in hand - what is all this nonsense about Volumes 2 or 4 being the best Led Zep album? It is a close call with Physical Graffiti (if only due to the volume of material) but Led Zep III does it for me every time. SIDE 1: The opening Immigrant Song is one of the finest moments in Rock Music History (clearly Jimmy Page thinks so too if you have a copy of How the West Was Won where it is the introductory track). We then groove into the slightly strange & off colour Friends - never fails to raise those goose pimples. Into Celebration Day -a typical Zeppelin rocker and then my favourite, favourite, favourite ever Zeppelin song the unbelievabley bluesy Since I've Been Loving You. I only have 1,000 words to play with and they are simply not enough. Led Zeppelins finest hour - it encapsulates everything good they ever did with absolutely stunning performances from all 4 members of the band - I can (& do) listen to it time & again. Next up Out on the Tiles is perhaps the only track approaching a filler on the Album but is still a good fun rocky workout. SIDE 2: Well, well, well it all goes a little strange - no more distorted amplified guitars - it is (mostly) acoustic loveliness for track after track after track - I still can't work it out 30 years on - is Tangerine my favourite or is it Thats the Way? Bron-Y -Aur Stomp is just a good time romp & shows how different Led Zeppelin were from their lumpish 1970 contemporaries - yes they had a sense of humour! It all finishes with an anarchic shotgun shack acoustic blues called Hats off to Roy Harper although said gentleman isn't anywhere to be seen. Anyone approaching Led Zeppelin via their legend as the 'first heavy metal band' will be utterly bemused by all of this of course but that is because they were more than just a heavy metal band - but hey we all know that don't we?

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