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Old 14-Jul-2007, 08:27
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Default King Crimson - The Power to Believe (2003) Retail CD

Music > Albums > King Crimson - The Power to Believe (2003) Retail CD
added on July 14, 2007, at 08:27 by rabthescot

King Crimson's The Power to Believe has been a long time coming--band-leader Robert Fripp has always stated that they'll only record when music is ready to be recorded. But no matter how painful the waiting, it's always worthwhile: Fripp and his ever-changing personnel never fail to fascinate and challenge. The Power to Believe is no exception, opening with its title track, an echoing a cappella romance sweetly delivered by vocalist (and co-guitarist) Adrian Belew. The song is reprised three times later: once with jangling eastern percussion rising to a climax of soaring guitar: again as a sci-fi extravaganza harking back to Crimson's glorious past: and finally as a closing a cappella repeat. In between lies the disciplined, purposefully varied and often mind-blowing instrumentation you expect from some of rock's most accomplished musicians. "Facts of Life" is dirty prog blues, a more complex version of Jerry Cantrell's solo work, ending with what sounds like two trains on a collision course. "Dangerous Curves" is like a low-key "Kashmir" rising in intensity to a storming metallic crescendo. Then there's the filthy rock of "Happy...", with its sarcastic refrain "We're gonna re-peat the chorus"--Adrian Belew clearly and rightly berating younger outfits for their lack of artistic ambition. All in all, it's a tremendous effort. --Dominic Wills

1399 x 1413 px

1772 x 1385 px

1437 x 1451 px

1791 x 1376 px
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