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Old 09-May-2007, 15:24
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Default The Firm - The Album (1997) Retail CD

Music > Albums > The Firm - The Album (1997) Retail CD
added on May 9, 2007, at 15:25 by allcdcovers

I love this album. If you are a fan of Foxy Brown's and Nas's old school gangsta flick beats and the type of songs that make you wanna get a pin stripe suit and be on the run from the law you will love this album.It was first recommended to me by a fellow die-hard hiphop fan who listened to it whilst "on lock-down" so you can guess the type of feel this album has. Its about Guns, crime and getting even."Phone Tap" is a classic example, the rift was infact used by P.Diddy some years later on Faith Evens' "Can't Beleive".Another good one is "I'm Leaving" the back track is just amazing. Nas just fits in with this kind of track better than I feel he does on any of his new stuff. If you've ever herad "Affirmative Action" on Nas's album "It was Written" and liked it you will love this album.Foxy Brown, with her New York monotone growl and silky smooth transitions was born to be the Bonnie to Nas's Clyde. They excel in this type of music, both bringing a street, gun slinging attack on amazing story telling lyrics. With the retro piano and meditarian guitar featured on a lot of the tracks you will feel like you've been transported to a 1940's Al Capone style film. Before you know it you'll be getting the urge to rob banks and make your very own little firm! Buy it, you'll enjoy x x

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