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Old 04-May-2007, 00:02
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Default Synapscape - Positive Pop (2000) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Synapscape - Positive Pop (2000) Retail CD
added on May 4, 2007, at 00:02 by allcdcovers

After notable collaborations with technoid artist Imminent (on Screenwalking), and their own double CD release So What, Synapscape'sPositive Pop was definitely a release that was going to come under scrutiny.

Positive Pop moves on the middle ground between all points of the noise genre. Tracks drift fluidly from atmospheric soundscapes (such as the release's opening, "Ammunition"), creations that border on ambience ("Smogue"), and a solid technoid style ("Thirsteater") that sports complexity beyond the patterned loops of artists such as Sonar. Never does Synapscape deliver a purpose-built dancefloor noise track - nothing on Positive Pop is quite that simple. This does not mean that some tracks would not be comfortable there, however.

On occasion, distorted vocals underscore a blend of sonic layers that are moving harmoniously against each other. Gradual changes infiltrate strucutures that Synapscape feel free to adopt or abandon.

The texture of the noise itseld describes a gravity, rather than an outright aggression (unlike Ant-Zen contemporaries such as Converter). This may not make it the most difficult listening out there, but Positive Pop is a detailed and well-realized release that stays interesting.

Ant-Zen have also released a strictly limited edition boxed set featuring additional original and remix material. Featuring remixes by artists such as Asche, Imminent and Converter, this edition is the one to choose if opportunity knocks.

1016 x 800 px

813 x 800 px
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