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Old 23-Sep-2011, 07:19
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Default Clarification Of The Publication Year CD Audio

excuse my poor english, but I will try to explain why the dates of publication of the CD does not exist before 1982.

CDs have existed for less than 29 years, exactly 17 August 1982 in Germany, was made ​​the first commercial CD. The first CD in the world to have been made ​​is Visitors by Abba.

but it was not the first album marketed to the public (only from december 1982).

The first record sold in stores (and has happened in Japan) is Billy Joel - 52nd Street the 1 october 1982.

ultimately no cd made ​​before 1 october 1982!!
indeed, doubt the cd before 1983 because the CD published in 1982 are very few!!!

I also see a lot of confusion among the mods and uploaders regarding the date of registration of the disc (recorded in the studio tapes) and the recording of CDs.

for example:
the first cd in the world has been completed (recording and mixer) August 26, 1982 at Polar Music Studios, Stockholm.
recorded on CD in Germany 17 august 1982
sold in the store december 1982.

In this way it can happen that in the back of the disc is indicated the date of studio recording of songs, but the CD was recorded (for exsample) even after 20 years.

for exsample:

the uploader indicates that the CD is the 1983 because he surely read in the back of the cover (indicate that in the forum) but it is not true! the cd is right, the year is 2000....................There is also written to the CD label.

__________________________________________________ _______________________

excuse my writing, but maybe after reading this someone better check the dates of registration and covers

p.s. There are many databases online, but this is one of the best XXX.discogs.com/ with a label and number you can check the date of nearly all the cd

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Old 23-Sep-2011, 21:03
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Very informative and I'm sure many will find useful....Thank you
Old 30-Sep-2011, 06:34
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Isle of Sardinia
Posts: 528
ssvril is on a distinguished road

yeah mate! In fact, I specified: one of the best.......its not the bile!

must take into account that works like wikipedia, monitors and corrects many people. in any case much better than the amazon database, or "try yorself*"

* as they say in English? lol
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