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Old 23-Apr-2007, 01:54
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Default Lorrie Morgan - Leave the Light On (1989) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Lorrie Morgan - Leave the Light On (1989) Retail CD
added on April 23, 2007, at 01:54 by allcdcovers

This was Lorrie's first album for RCA. She made various recordings over the previous ten years but I'm not sure if an album was ever released, though those tracks have been released on various CD's and there were clearly enough of them to hake up an album. So whether this is Lorrie's first ever album or not, it is the one that catapulted her into the big time.Lorrie has recorded many fine albums but I believe that this is still her best, with the possible exception of Watch me. It set the standard for those that followed. The album is dominated by ballads.The album yielded a number one country hit - Five minutes, from the pen of Beth Neilsen Chapman. Out of your shoes and Dear me were both top ten country hits. Trainwreck of emotion, the opening song, was a lesser country hit for Lorrie. Despite its title (which suggests a slow weepie), this is an up-tempo song. Eight days a week is sensational - a bluegrass-flavored up-tempo cover of the classic Beatles song. The remaining songs are all ballads. It's too late to love me and If I didn't love you are both covers, but Lorrie's versions are as good as any I've heard. The title track, I'll take the memories, Far side of the bed and He talks to me are all outstanding songs.No Lorrie Morgan fan should be without this album. If you are new to Lorrie's music, there are plenty of compilations to choose from but this album was my introduction to her music and I've been a fan ever since.

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