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Old 12-Nov-2010, 15:47
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Default Capability Brown - From Scratch (2008) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Capability Brown - From Scratch (2008) Retail CD
added on November 12, 2010, at 15:47 by ssvril

Recorded: 1972,
Released: 2008.
Tracks: 1. Beautiful Scarlet, 2. Do you Believe, 3. The Band, 4. Garden, 5. Liar, 6. No Range, 7. I Will Be there, 8. Redman, 9. Day In Day Out, 10. Sole Survivor. //
This band's staple diet was mainstream rock with some arty pop leanings. Their "From Scratch" album had a couple of tracks with more progressive leanings: 'Rayge' and 'Sole Survivor'. This latter song was about the escape from the coming war with a time machine and culminated in some fine guitar work imitating time machine travel! There are reasonable stabs at Rare Bird's 'Beautiful Scarlet' and Russ Ballard's 'Liar'. They also covered another Rare Bird song, 'Redman', which dealt with the fate of the American Indians. The "Liar" album is a compilation of their recordings from 1972 and 1973. Kenny Rowe had earlier been in The Moments and both he and Tony Ferguson had been in Harmony Grass. Joe Williams and Dave Nevin may also have been later members of Harmony Grass, whilst Roger Willis had played with The Gremlins. Willis, White and Ferguson went on to Krazy Kat in 1976.

1435 x 1417 px

1772 x 1388 px

1433 x 1406 px
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