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Old 26-Sep-2010, 13:47
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Default Bell Biv DeVoe - BBD (2001) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Bell Biv DeVoe - BBD (2001) Retail CD
added on September 26, 2010, at 13:47 by musicworld

Having been an R& B fan since the first guy album back in 88 and having been present at the first comming of BBD in 1990 after the break up of New Edition, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this groups current offering. There can be no question that the beats are tight as always with a certain quirkiness and origionality that some R& B groups currently around lack. The content of the group's lyrics may offend some female listeners but then again it always did. From "Poison" and "Do Me" all the way through to 1993's "Hootie Mac* to the present with "Shorty Gone Get It" ,the lyrics have always appeared confrontational to the more easily offended female listener. It can't be denied though thatthe cuts can't fail but to make ya neck jerk. The picks of the bunch include the club banger "Breezy" and the tailor made for ya motor "Home Alone " along with the I've just got out of the shower pumper " Shorty gone get it". What I love about this album the most is that the guys have not felt the need to collaborate with any other current artists to make this album quality. It is their strongest offering to date and to be perfectly honest they are setting the standard for uptempo R & B for 2002. Lets see who can match them. I have been thirsty for a big cup of Bell Biv Devoe lemonade since 1993 and now I feel like i've got my own pint glass and straw. Enjoy .

953 x 953 px

1181 x 929 px

921 x 921 px
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