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Old 15-Apr-2007, 09:10
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Default Fields Of The Nephilim - Fallen (2002) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Fields Of The Nephilim - Fallen (2002) Retail CD
added on April 15, 2007, at 09:10 by elejoe

Speaking as a fan of the band, it is good to see some new (and not so new) material. However, it didn't bode well to see that it was not being endorsed by the band, who claim they weren't ready for it to be issued. To be honest, it does have a slightly unfinished feel about it; both the music and the sleeve design. The latter is definitely not up to the normal standard and as for the former....Well, on first listening I was not enormously impressed but having now listened a few times I am growing to like it more and more. It does not reach the peaks of "The Nephilim", but it has got some good tracks. "Hollow Doll" and "Fallen" are the stand out new tracks and the reworks of "Darkcell" and "Trees Come Down" are both excellent. The rest of it is a bit samey but not at all bad providing you like heavy guitar backed up with electronic effects and Carl McCoy's distinctive voice.Creatively a step forward from "Zoon" but they've got a way to go to hit their previous heights. If you are a fan then get it. If you don't know then get "The Nephilim" and if you like that then try "Fallen".

1098 x 989 px

1098 x 989 px

948 x 954 px

946 x 952 px
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