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Old 11-Apr-2007, 07:41
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Default Cpr - Cpr (1998) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Cpr - Cpr (1998) Retail CD
added on April 11, 2007, at 07:41 by allcdcovers

The grouping of David Crosby (CSN&Y, Byrds) with his long-lost son, pianist James Raymond and with session guitarist Jeff Pavar has produced the strongest album Crosby has been involved in for decades. "CPR" is full of jazz-tinged melodies, some folksy songwriting from Crosby in particular and gorgeously rich harmonies which CSN would be hard-pushed to match.The strength of the album is that, despite his clear return-to-form, David Crosby is not the only member of the group turning in quality material and performances. James Raymond demonstrates himself a superb songwriter in his contribution to songs such as 'At The Edge', in addition to his skills as a pianist and singer. Jeff Pavar is a skilled and mostly tasteful guitarist who contributes to the songwriting and singing and, I suspect, has a big input in the production work throughout the album. On top of all this, Crosby's voice resonates as he turns in some of his finest vocal performances.There are low points on the album: occasionally the production is a little over-slick and sounds too MOR, and when the band attempt to 'rock-out' on one or two songs ('It's all Coming Back To Me Now' is the worst offender) they lack the control and taste shown in their more reserved material. These are minor points however, on an album which, with songs such as 'Rusty and Blue', 'Time Is The Final Currency' and my particular favourite, 'That House', restores this reviewer's faith in David Crosby's talent as well as introducing a new musical force, entirely separate from messrs. Nash, Stills & Young, which has created a magnificent sound of it's own.

804 x 800 px
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