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Old 15-May-2009, 20:22
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Default Maximo Park - Quicken The Heart (2009) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Maximo Park - Quicken The Heart (2009) Retail CD
added on May 15, 2009, at 20:22 by pontiacc

Sunderland’s slickest indie sons, Maximo Park--the approximate musical equivalent of slapping an entire tub of hair gel and Smiths t-shirt onto a mannequin and making him dance jerkily to XTC (in a good way)--return with a third album that largely confirms everything you thought you already knew about them and heads off suspicions that their consistency had to run out of steam at some point. So Quicken The Heart is not as bloodshot or hungry as their debut A Certain Trigger nor quite as nimble as its follow up, Our Earthly Pleasures, but it is tight, blunt and effective and lowers their centre of gravity to ensure success. So "The Penultimate Clinch", "Let’s Get Clinica" and "Overland, West Of Suez" swing and rumble with a touch more menace than usual, allowing muck under their fingernails, while the gasping build-up and swelling excitement of "The Kids Are Sick Again" and repetitive agile riffing of "Wraithlike" are immediately recognisable as Maximo Park but with a more assured footing than before--due in no small part to Nick Launay’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Talking Heads) brawny production work. Paul Smith’s inimitably enunciated, sharply-dressed lyrics also once again help the band hold its head proudly above the parapet, hoisting formulaic new wave workouts to a place where they have a real identity. --James Berry

1777 x 1392 px

1429 x 1425 px

1400 x 1416 px
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