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Old 21-Apr-2009, 12:27
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Default Ghost (1990) WS R4 Retail DVD

Movies > Films > Ghost (1990) WS R4 Retail DVD
added on April 21, 2009, at 12:28 by Sarge!

This film has helped me through so many bad times. Round about the time this was released on DVD i lost my mum to cancer. This was the last film I watched with her so nowadays it has sentimental value. This is a perfect film to watch if you're depressed as it does make you feel better after you watch it. This is my fave movie ever. I watch this nearly every month because I love the movie so much. This cannot be repeated twice, there can't be a sequel to it, It's a golden tear film (meaning weepie) The power that this film has is unbelievable. If you have lost a loved one then you'd know the power that i'm talking about. The acting is superb. Patrick really does make you believe in this character and this nightmare he is going through and by the end you really do feel the magic that the character goes through. It does really make you wonder what that life beyond death is really like. The romantic side of this film doesn't miss a beat. Patrick and Demi's chemistry is paramount to the story and it doesn't feel faked, it feels real. The inclusion of Whoopi Goldberg's character gives it a lighthearted style humour which by the end has a message to it. Jerry Zucker who recent flicks before this one were Airplane! does a great job mixing the heartfelt sentimentality with the stand out humour that you get when Patrick and Whoopi are together on screen. Whoopi quite rightly deserved that Oscar she got for this role. Her acting was brilliant. Two cast members has been outlooked by every one but without there characters this movie might not have worked. I'm talking about of course Tony Goldwyn as Karl and Rick Aviles as Willie. The subtile acting brings out their most evil side and you are genuinly shocked when you found out he was in on it the whole time. How could you allow your best friend to be murdered? You feel that their just desserts are quite literally deserved after how you see them as and what they had done to Sam. It is scary in some parts and even a little gruesome but the message does still shine through. Love is forever if you believe. By the end yes even i was in floods of tears. That is the power that this one has, to literally bring you to tears. No matter how hard you try, it will always do that. I have watched this time and time again and I still cry buckets at the end, even before the scene even starts, I'm already filling up. The end scene is the standout moment of the film. It is the magic of GHOST. There is no more powerful word than goodbye. Industrial Light and Magic create an effect that pulls at the heartstrings and the acting from the stars pulls even more. The real magic of this scene is Maurice Jarre's powerful soft instrumental theme of Unchained Melody. The soft violins lets the tears flow. It is truly beautiful. Even right now i'm thinking of it and i'm getting a lump in my throat. If you haven't seen this yet, see it now. If you want a great tearjerker, they don't come better than this.

1500 x 1500 px

1500 x 1500 px

3240 x 2175 px
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