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Old 10-Apr-2007, 10:47
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Default Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over (1997) Retail CD

Music > Albums > Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over (1997) Retail CD
added on April 10, 2007, at 10:47 by allcdcovers

“Let Me Come Over” is one of those albums that has had no great impact on rock history, indeed in the great polluted ocean of rock this album would barely merit a scuzzy ripple. Which is a great shame as it is one of the greatest rock albums of the nineties, a collection of anguished tormented anthems which in this reviewer’s opinion puts it right up there with “Nevermind”.This was Buffalo Toms third album and took their formula of emotionally resonant themes and scouring riffs to a new plaintative level. Make no mistake there is a genuinely articulate core at the heart of this music. You’ll believe grown men can cry or at the very least can wring them selves into a state of such delicious melancholy or frustration that they feel the need to sing songs like they’re choking on every word. So great is the pain. With some bands you get the feeling they are mere tenants in some one else’s misery, dilettantes who after a hard day/night pouring their little hearts out sod off to the nearest party and licentious coupling with whoever will have them. Lucky sods . But with Buffalo Tom you’ll genuinely believe that these guys have suffered, have lived the lives so eloquently portrayed in their songs. All the betrayals, cold night sweats, eyeball swivelling obsessions are real empirical experiences and they are all here in this wonderful music.“Taillights Fade” is the perfect example.” I feel so weak/ on a losing streak” sings Bill Janowitz. At the start of this extraordinary song he sounds tired, resigned but as the chorus kicks in and the guitars seethe with increasing intensity it’s as if the enormity of his loss and his desperation are bleeding out of him along with his words. At the songs conclusion he’s on his knees howling at those tiny twin moons as they disappear “Velvet Roof” has a riff as sharp as a diamond cocktail stick, while “”Darl” features another eyebrow scorching vocal from Janowitz. Really just about any of the songs on this album is an example of exemplary American rock music wether it be “Porch light”, “Stymied” or “Saving Grace”. Everyone tells a tale that’s worth hearing and tells it with such searing eloquence you will know that these guys have been there, done that. And if they haven’t…well then they’re bloody good actors and I take my hat off to them anyway because wherever it came from this is one very special record.

1184 x 924 px

959 x 950 px

962 x 941 px
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