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Old 05-Jan-2016, 22:04
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Default Psychonauts (2005) PAL Retail DVD

Games > Xbox > Psychonauts (2005) PAL Retail DVD
added on January 5, 2016, at 22:04 by Boyracer

Surreal action adventure game starring Raz, a powerful young cadet at psychic summer camp. While working on his levitation merit badge, Raz discovers that someone is kidnapping psychic children and stealing their brains. In order to foil this evil plot and earn the title of Psychonaut, Raz must project himself into the minds of one bizarre character after another to battle their nightmares and mental demons. He does all this while continuing to earn his psychic merit badges in Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Pyrokinesis and more. Players run, bounce, float, climb, swing and sneak while defeating monsters, lunatics and demons with the Psi-Blast, a mental burst of energy that will banish nightmares.

3240 x 2173 px

1500 x 1500 px
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