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Old 15-Oct-2013, 10:20
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Default Chaos Break (2000) R2 Retail CD

Games > PSP > Chaos Break (2000) R2 Retail CD
added on October 15, 2013, at 10:20 by Totkaeppchen

Similar to Resident Evil before it, Chaos Break is essentially a third-person shooting game, with echoes of survival horror such as Resident Evil. Set in an abandoned biochemical laboratory on an isolated island, the two player characters, Mitsuki and Rick, are part of an investigatory and cleansing force sent to find out the cause of an 'anomalous thermal reaction'.

Progress through the game is made by defeating enemies, which in this case are alien lifeforms and the laboratory's own automated defence system. An element of survival horror is introduced through the use of computer terminals, where the player can save and read files explaining the backstory of the game.

2790 x 2790 px

2770 x 2770 px

3860 x 2885 px

2885 x 2885 px

5517 x 2790 px
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