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Old 26-Nov-2011, 19:03
Jons01 Jons01 is offline
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Default PAL VHS to NTSC

I am looking at a couple of commercial VHS tapes that were released only in the UK. These were not made available on DVD, nor do I expect they ever will.

I am would like to purchase them and have them converted to NTSC DVD. I can't really afford all the electronics to do it myself. Any suggestions as to how I can get them converted.

I realize there are probably copyright issues. However if I purchase the VHS and own them, can't I have one copy made for my personal use?

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Old 20-Jan-2012, 22:14
frankfrost frankfrost is offline
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Default vhs 2 dvd conversion

it depends on what the vhs is it could be out of copyright law time anyway so converting would not be a problem.
But it is expensive if done by professional company's if its a old old vhs then there is probably no encryption you don't say what these films are knowing this would be a beneficial part to help advise you better but if you have a video player and a computer all you need is a usb analog tuner this is a capture device to convert it to dvd and these are quite cheep but be sure to buy an analog usb tuner I have converted many of my old vhs films that have not been released on dvd this way to add them to my collection soley for my own use as vhs dose degrade very quick over time and the results i have got are very good depending on the vhs quality to start with
I hope this has helped if you need moor help repost what you need help with
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convert, ntsc, pal

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