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Old 16-Sep-2011, 18:02
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Default Whiplash (2004) PAL German Retail DVD

Games > Xbox > Whiplash (2004) PAL German Retail DVD
added on September 16, 2011, at 18:02 by amsreddevil

I remember playing the demo for this game and enjoyed. The gags like the Fatress and the hilrous things the rabbit says brought a smile to my face. When I saw it on sale on Amazon I decided to give it a try. BIG MISTAKE!The game starts out funny and witty. The gags are there the things the enimies say even the angry animal comments. But this soon plummets after the first level. The graphics remain bland and don't really improve, the Cammera gets worse rather then better. The are more bugs in the game then in your average jungle. There is hardly any varity into the game mechanics not to mention the jokes which where funny become iratating! If the rabbit had 100's of comments or if he said them rarely then it would save it, but no. The rabbit never shuts up and only say's around about 5 things. When you use him as a hammer he comes up with the comment "Do you have a plan which doesn't involve using me as a war mace?" However this being said every other minute becomes very annoying. The scientists are even worse, and on the subject of enimies there aren't many variations. Not to mention the ideas from inventions become duller then big brother. On a final note the game is short and there are no extras and no replay value. The only thing stopping this from getting 1 is because the gameplay isn't appauling and there is some inivation. However there are much better games worthy of you money. If you really want to rent it BUT don't buy.

1612 x 1081 px
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