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Title   Parts Quality Date
Jedward - Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) (Featuring Vanilla Ice) (2010) Retail CD  Front Good 06/02/10
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (2007) Retail CD  Front Fair 15/08/09
Jeff Healey - The Very Best Of The Jeff Healy Band (1998) Retail CD  Front | Back | CD Fair 02/03/13
Jejung & Yuchun - Colors (Melody And Harmony) / Shelter (2009) Retail CD  Front Good 12/03/17
Jejung & Yuchun - Colors (Melody and Harmony) / Shelter (CD + DVD) (2009) Retail CD  Front | Back | CD Fair 12/03/17
Jennier Paige & Nick Carter - Beautiful Lie (2009) Retail CD  Front Fair 23/11/09
Jennifer Ellison - Bye Bye Boy (2004) Retail CD  Front Fair 26/11/09
Jennifer Hudson - Feeling Good (2010) Retail CD  Front Fair 31/12/10
Jennifer Hudson - I Remember Me (Radio Mix) (2011) Retail CD  Front Fair 24/04/11
Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love (2009) Retail CD  Front Good 12/01/09
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight (2008) Retail CD  Front Fair 12/09/09
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight CD2 (2008) Retail CD  Front Fair 16/08/09
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight CD3 (2008) Retail CD  Front Fair 16/08/09
Jennifer Hudson - The Star-Spangled Banner (2008) Retail CD  Front Fair 16/08/09
Jennifer Hudson - The Star-Spangled Banner CD2 (2008) Retail CD  Front Fair 25/03/11
Jennifer Hudson - Where You At (2011) Retail CD  Front Good 27/02/11
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (2002) Retail CD  Front Fair 12/03/10
Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love U! (2004) Retail CD  Front Fair 13/02/11
Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) (2012) Retail CD  Front | Back | CD Fair 03/08/12
Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well (2007) Retail CD  Front Excellent 14/07/08
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